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KR Utilities is committed to safety
We firmly believe our safety program is only as strong as our employees. That is why safety starts on the first day when our new hires are brought in for a variety of slideshows, videos, hands on application and discussion material to ensure they start work with KR on the right foot.

To maintain our culture, employees are rigorously trained and educated on the latest safe practices. Not only do we spend countless hours on classroom training, we take it to the field so that our crews are familiar with the real world practice backed by the knowledge and skill of the IBEW.
We Firmly Believe

See Something, Say Something.

Safety is everyones responsibility.

Everyone leads by example.

The importance of training.

In Mitigating Hazards.

There’s always room for safety improvement

Actively identifying Risks.

Continued Safety Training.

 Our company is proud to be ISNET certified. ISNetworld helps organizations manage internal and governmental compliance requirements. Contractors and suppliers submit health, safety, quality, risk and regulatory information as requested by hiring clients. Once collected, their Review and Verification Services (RAVS) team reviews the information to assess the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the data.
Stop, Think, Act
Our safety program starts with STOP, THINK, ACT...

Stop long enough to think about what you are about to do

Think about how you are going to do it. Is it the safest way? If not, how can you do it better?

Act in the safest way possible

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